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If selling a home is a numbers game, let’s stack your odds.

Improve lead quality and sell more homes with the JustOffered Open House mobile app.

Why use JustOffered Open House mobile app?

Automate lead capture. Stay organized. Market your listings.

Lead Generation System

Turn open house visitors into viable leads and reduce data entry. Digitally collect pertinent information including name, contact info, and buying timeframe.

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Smart Technology Solution

Replace paper forms with a digital sign-in sheet that sends results directly to your email. Check an item off the to-do list!

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Keep it simple with the JustOffered Open House mobile app.

At JustOffered, our mission is to drive functionality and efficiency into all our features. We are a smart sales and marketing solution designed to help close deals and collect high quality leads.

Set yourself apart

Exude a new level of professionalism when hosting with our sleekly designed digital open house sign-in sheet.

Flexible and Easy

Available for all tablet devices, the JustOffered Open House mobile app works easily either connected or disconnected to the internet.

Increase Revenue

Hosting a successful open house gets easier with automated data collection, easy and innovative app navigation, and no more paper!

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