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Higher Mortgage Rates make executing home sales a challenge. Keep lead generation costs to a minimum.

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Here's how it works

So here are three working steps why our valued customers choose us.


Build local market lead capture websites

Utilize our easy-fill template to accurately represent the city/town you want to generate leads incorporating customizations that speak to your target market.


Engage Your Audience

Integrate the webpage link to the complimentary service into your standard online and offline marketing channels such as email campaigns, social media, postcards, etc.


Gain qualified leads!

Local Homeowners visit your custom landing page for their complimentary home value estimate . All contact information is collected and transformed into an opportune lead!

App Features

The Ultimate Tool for Real Estate Agents

Exclusive Leads

ALL leads captured through your site are exclusively your leads.

Customize Locally

Create endless landing pages for specific markets. Agents can showcase their expertise while providing a sense of comfort and familiarity to potential clients.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate your landing page into online and offline marketing.

Easy to use

Website creation is intuitive and easy to set up.

Limitless marketing

Create an unlimited number of exclusive websites.

Reliable Support

Offering customers multiple resources through help articles, and email support. We will even schedule a call with you for more complex issues.

What Makes Us Different

A Lead Capture Site with a Personal Touch

When local homeowners visit your custom domain, they're greeted with a modern interface and a clear call–to-action. Distinctive yet subtle, the town photo custom picked by the agent is displayed in the background to highlight the agent's local expertise while providing visitors that "neighborhood feel". Familiarity creates Favorability!

  • Showcase recent home sales.
  • Display bio, agent photo, and contact info so visitors can get to know you!
  • UNLIMITED lead capture sites are included with subscription.

What Makes Us Different?

Out-of-the-box Technology That’s Unlike the Rest.

Unlike many competitor companies, were not a lead purchasing service. Instead, we've created smart technology to give agents the tools they need to attract fresh seller leads. Everything from easy templates to quick customizations allow agents to highlight the area and their local expertise to attract local homeowners to visit for their complimentary home estimate.

  • Efficient Platform to create your custom domain and save each lead website in minutes.
  • Smart photo cropping makes uploading town and agent photos hassle free!
  • Key lead information is captured first from site visitors and automatically sent to the agent.

About Us

We are a technology company that modernizes the way real estate agents work. Our lead generation solution allows for market customizations connecting agents to fresh leads in the cities and towns they know best.

Our modern interface lead generation tool allows agents to quickly create a custom website, specifically themed for the area that agents want to attract seller leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of our common FAQ's. For answers to your other questions please email us at

JustOffered is what "The Big Guys" don't want you to know about! We're familiar with popular competitor services on the market. We've taken a thoughtful approach regarding our business model, design, and service pricing to ensure the agent feels their money is being well spent without compromising the effectiveness of the product.

The short answer is YES! However, even great leads still need nurturing to be converted into a sale. Perseverance is key! "Quality" speaks to the agent receiving fresh leads that match your geographical expertise. To put the value of the product into perspective- based on the average selling price of homes in the US, a one-year service subscription will pay for itself almost 100 times over, EVEN if the agent only converts ONE lead into a sale over the one-year service. Truly a chance worth taking.

Monthly subscribers are charged the monthly fee (plus tax) at the time of the subscription purchase. Monthly subscriptions renew automatically each month until cancelled. Annual subscribers will be charged the discounted annual rate (plus tax) at the time of purchase. Annual subscriptions renew automatically on anniversary date unless cancelled prior to renewal. For additional billing questions please click here.

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