Build long-term relationships and win more deals with personalized video messages

JustOffered lets you quickly send personalized video messages to prospects & clients, that set you apart from other real estate agents, while building trust, and earning more commission.

Best of all, these messages have 98% open rates!
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Are drip email campaigns REALLY the best way to build long-term relationships with your prospects & clients?

Drip campaigns and bulk email do nothing to build trust with prospects and clients. Even worse, these outdated tactics can backfire by cheapening your brand, ultimately leading to lost commission.

There's a better way!

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Canned emails don't work anymore

Sending canned emails and generic drip email campaigns haven’t worked since 2005.

WHY NOT? Your past clients don't want an automated happy birthday. These emails lack authenticity and come across as fake.

  • Canned emails annoy prospects and clients
  • Impersonal automated emails do not make your client feel special
  • Automated emails do not help build a relationship

Phone calls, emails, and voicemails are not effective for prospecting

  • Your email/voicemail wasn't opened
    First-time voicemails and emails have a 20% open rate (or less).
  • Chances are they won't answer the phone call either
    87% of consumers do not answer calls from phone numbers they don't recognize.
  • And they only glanced at your text
    Text messaging is the leading method of communication, but short messages limit your ability to effectively showcase your brand and build a relationship with the visitor.

You're missing out on future deals if you don't keep in touch with prospects and past clients

Failing to keep in touch means lost commission.

Most agents want to send personalized messages to their clients, particularly past clients, but they tell us they lack the time, technology, or data to do it.

JustOffered helps you build long-term relationships and win more deals with personalized video messages

There's a better way to get in front of prospects and past clients to build a connection and that's with personalized video messages. We'll show you how in just 3 easy steps!

Best of all, it only takes 15-20 seconds.
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Step 1

JustOffered ORGANIZES your address book

You already know the benefit of sending happy birthday or home anniversary messages to your past clients. But the information you need to do this might be stored in multiple places, like your phone, CRM, spreadsheets, etc.

JustOffered organizes all your contacts in one place so that you can effortlessly follow up at exactly the right time.

The JustOffered customer success team is here to help you get your contact data uploaded and updated.

Best of all there is no setup fee.

That's OKAY! We will help you load your contacts from wherever you have them.

That's fine, most agents don't have all their client's information. We'll help you load what you have and then JustOffered will automatically collect the rest.

That's great! We can help you get this uploaded to JustOffered in no time. We can import data from anywhere.

We understand. Chances are we integrate with your current CRM and we can get the contact information from there.

Step 2

Send personalized video messages at exactly the right time

We let you know when it's the right time to reach out to prospects and past clients, such as a birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events.

You'll use JustOffered to record a short 15-20 second, personalized video message.

A personalized video makes you stand out and shows that you care. All it takes is 20 seconds with the JustOffered video messaging feature.

That’s great but you are missing out on capturing valuable data. By sending a JustOffered link to your video, you gain insights into how prospects & past clients engage with your personalized messages.

We hear this constantly and with practice, you’ll find your comfort level. The effort is worthwhile as studies show video marketers get 66% more qualified leads annually.

Step 3

Sit back and let JustOffered engage your prospect or past client

We send your personalized video by text message with a link navigating your prospect or past client to a personalized landing page, turning your video message into a marketing opportunity!

Past clients and prospects will be shown relevant offers, such as:

For Prospects

  • Learning the value of their current home
  • Finding other nearby homes for sale
  • Scheduling a private showing
  • Navigating to your social media

For Past Clients

  • Collecting a testimonial
  • Sending a referral

We encourage the prospect or past client to reply to your video message allowing you to continue the conversation and build the relationship.

Best of all these video messages have open rates as high as 98%!

Your personalized message is the main attraction on the custom landing page. The offers are deliberately designed not to be pushy and are useful to nudge the relationship along.

Let the results speak for themselves!

A select group of agents are already trying JustOffered and converting more clients!

It's true, videos work!

I'm now getting replies from visitors that leave my open houses. Amazing!

I'm not super technical but the support team helped me get up and running.

I'm going to buy this product when it's available. I'm sold on it.

At first, I wasn't comfortable recording myself, but now I see that it really is the way to engage my contacts.

These agents are already earning more commission using JustOffered. Are you ready to join them?

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