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It’s free! Enjoy an app to store listings, schedule open house events, and automatically obtain visitor information including name, phone number, email address, and useful buying information.

JustOffered Open House app offers real estate professionals a complimentary digital visitor sign-in for their open house events. The sleekly designed app digitally collects your guest’s information in a kiosk mode when they enter the home and sends a detailed report when the open house is finished. It is easy to download, setup, and use.

JustOffered is a technology company focused on streamlining many current features that real estate professionals use through multiple applications and separate subscriptions. Our main goal is to apply simple concept and design to features that help agents sell homes and gain leads.

The app is available to be downloaded to a tablet device at:

The app has been designed with the open house visitor in mind. Therefore, the app works on a tablet device for ease of sign in. It is compatible with iOS 11 and above, Android OS version 8.0 and above and supports portrait and landscape orientation.

Yes! The app allows you to create and store information offline. Once the device is connected to the internet it will automatically sync all data that has been stored.

We know our app is not a new concept. This app has been designed to integrate with features that are currently being built. Therefore, we plan to continue to integrate, innovate, and build more smart features and algorithms that allow for easing the day-to-day operations of a real estate agent. Keep an eye out!

Paper works great in a pinch but going digital can reduce interpreting bad handwriting and data entry. Why not go green and save time?

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